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Foundation of Project Management

Week 1 - Embarking on a career in project management Week 2 - Becoming an effective project manager Key Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities Project Management Responsibilities Planning and organising. Making use of productivity tools and creating processes. Creating plans, timelines, schedules, and other forms of documentation to track project completion. Managing tasks. A project tasks is an activity that needs to be accomplished within a set period of time by you, your team or your stakeholders....

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Databricks Certified Data Engineer professional

General Databricks Certified Data Engineer Professional: link Time allotted to complex exam is 2 hours (120 minutes) Exam fee $200 USD Number of questions 60 Question type: multiple choice questions Passing scores is at least 70% on the overall exam Code Example data manipulation code will be in SQL when possible Structured Streaming code will be in Python Runtime version is DBR 10.4 LTS Practice Exam: link Target Audience Data Engineer, >= 2yoe Advanced, practitioner certification Assess candidates at a level equivalent to two or more years with data engineering with Databricks Expectation Understanding of the Databricks platform and developer tools Ability to build optimised and cleaned data processing pipelines using the Spark and Delta Lake APIs Ability to model data into a Lakehouse using knowledge of general data modeling concepts Ability to make data pipelines secure, reliable, monitored, and tested before deployment Out of Scope The following is not expected of a Professional-level data engineer:...

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Business of The 21st Century

Book Structure Part one: the core differences between people in the four quadrants Part two: personal change, who you have to be instead of what you have to do Part three: how to find success in the B & I quadrants Income is not from what we learnt from school, rather than than it鈥檚 about our values, interests, strengths, and weaknesses. Changing the quadrants requires changing in the core of who you are, how you think, and how you look at the world....

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ChatGPT Tips and Tricks

User Scenario Prompt for Cover Letter Write a conversational cover letter for a job application as a [position] at [company] using my resume below as a reference. Draft a persuasive cover letter in 150 words or less highlighting my qualifications and enthusiasm for the [position] at [company] using my resume achievements below. Create a compelling cover letter that explain why I am the best fit for the [position] at [company]. Write the letter using the StoryBrand Framework....

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Databricks Best Practices  [draft]

Delta Lake Table Table Partitioning You should default to non-partitioned tables for most use cases when working with Delta Lake. Most Delta Lake tables, especially small-to-medium sized data, will not benefit from partitioning. Because partitioning physically separates data files, this approach can result in a small files problem and prevent file compaction, and efficient data skipping. The benefits observed in Hive or HDFS do not translate to Delta Lake, and you should consult with an experienced Delta Lake architect before partitioning tables....

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