Similar to the idea of Life Hack , there are lots of tricks and shortcuts that one should know as well in their career. This page is to host all the secret sauce, black magic, silver bullet of Career Hack .

2022-09-29 Catchup Note with PD

  1. Be Intentional. Do things with a purpose. If you are not sure about your purpose, just simple don’t do it, or take a pause until you figure out your purpose.
  2. Be Productive. It’s easy to finish something if you have unlimited resources. However that is not true in workspace. Instead, don’t think you have unlimited resources, always assume there will be some constrains for doing something (e.g. time and money). Try to finish your work within constrain(s), and be productive per time unit.
  3. Ability to detach from work. This will help you to distance from your normal work route, bring more breath space for you to review your work from different perspective, and help you to audit your work in a more retrospective way.
  4. Be confident. Be bold, and confident on what you are doing. The worst case is you screw things up, and take responsibilities, but that’s how we learn things, isn’t it?
  5. Three things from work: Throw, Challenge, Fun.