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Reference Snowflake: SnowPro Certifications

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Snowflake Concepts

Basic Concept Snowflake is a new model cloud-based enterprise-level data warehouse. Architecture Snowflake’s architecture is a hybrid of traditional shared-disk database architectures and shared-nothing databases architectures. Similar to shared-disk architectures, Snowflake uses a central data repository for persisted data that is accessible from all compute nodes in the data warehouse. But similar to shared-nothing architectures, Snowflake processes queries using MPP (massively parallel processing) compute clusters where each node in the cluster stores a portion of the entire dataset locally....

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Snowflake Common Command Reference

DML Show warehouse with filters 1 SHOW WAREHOUSES like '%testing%'; Show most recent query ID 1 SELECT last_query_id() If you want to retrieve the second most recent query ID, you can also provide -2 argument and do something like 1 SELECT last_query_id(-2) Reference Snowflake: General Reference

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Snowflake Note IV - Data Ingestion  [draft]


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7 Best Practices for Snowflake

General Introduction Key customers 7 Best Practices for Building Data Applications Isolation workloads with Snowflake Key features Zero-Copy Clone Time Travel AS OF feature Semi-structured Support add timestamp column Materialized Views Snowflake materialized views is different with other platforms Code in your Language snowflake connection diagnose system SnowPipe Use the Ecosystem Manage Cost Manage compute configure with Auto Suspend configure with Auto Resume configure suspend window after idle time window Monitoring resources all data app utilise resource monitoring FAQ Q: Does Snowflake a transactional database?...

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