How to Navigate Through Ambiguity

General Steps to Navigate Through Ambiguity Step 1 - Understand the Expectation What is your goal? What will success look like? Is this goal measurable? Step 2 - Describe & Evaluate Current Situation Step 3 - Categorise Goals with Cynefin Framework Simple Complex Complicated Chaos Step 4 - Work backward Apply the MECE Framework Mutually Exclusive Collectively Exhaustive In general, the starting point for MECE is hard to determine.

Best Practice for Communication in Workplace

Email Make the subject relevant, don’t reply to a lunch invite mail with critical business info - one topic per thread Keep it short and to the point - long emails should be in a document of some sort Don’t hide the actions in the middle - use @ to make them explicit and make them clearly visible To: means you need me to read it and/or do something. CC: means you don’t need me to do anything, and I can read it when it suits me.

Configure Java Environment on macOS Big Sur

macOS Big Sur (ver. 11.2.3) doesn’t have pre-installed Java anymore, the best option is to install AdoptOpenJDK. You can download the OpenJDK pkg binary and install it manually like here, or install AdoptOpenJDK via brew in your favourite terminal: 1 brew install --cask adoptopenjdk Hope it helps. Reference wolfpaulus.com: Installing Java on macOS 11 Big Sur github.com/AdoptOpenJDK: AdoptOpenJDK - HomeBrew TAP


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