Machine Learning Glossary

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O One-hot encoding One-hot encoding is a way to represent categorical variables as numerical data, so that it can be used in machine learning algorithm. It involves creating a new binary column for each unique category in the categorical feature. For example, if a categorical feature has three categories, A, B, and C. Then three new columns, one for each category would be created....

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Machine Learning with Databricks  [draft]

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Project Initiation - Starting a Successful Project

Week 1 - Fundamentals of Project Initiation Why Project Initiation is Important? A well-planned initiation results in a strong foundation for your project, and sets it up for success. The initiation phase is a crucial time for asking stakeholders the right questions performing research determining resources clearly documenting the key components of a project Getting on the same page and gaining clarity during the initiation phase can save a lot of time and extra work for everyone throughout the project....

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Project Management Best Practices  [draft]

Project Charter Project Scope Key Stakeholder Timeline Budget Resource

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Project Management Glossary  [draft]

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