Block Storage vs Object Storage

Block Storage:

  • block level operations are possible
  • one block changed, e.g piece of the file, that contains the changed data
  • can be updated in block level

Object Storage:

  • Entire file must be removed and new file needs to be put there

S3 vs EBS vs EFS


  • S3 to be used for WORM operations, e.g. Write once Read many times
  • Scalable, size not be planned
  • not suitable for hosting OS or Database


  • works best as server disks
  • persistent and high performance in terms of read and write
  • replicated within AZ and could be mounted on only one EC2 in the same AZ
  • sizing need to be done


  • replicated across AZs in a region
  • could be mounted to on-premise server as well via VPN or DirectConnect
  • could be mounted to multiple EC2 at the same time
  • No sizing to be done