Energy Types

  • Physical Energy
  • Emotional Energy
  • Mental Energy
  • Spiritual Energy

Physical Energy

  • Symptom & Complication

I have lots of habits and lots of things I want to do, I am just too tired and out of energy to do it.

This energy is probably the simplest one to understand. This is about your

  • Sleeping
  • Eating
  • Exercising

If you are not looking after yourself physically, you cannot achieve anything in life.

Don’t wake up early and go to bed super later

If you try to max out everything, you are maxing out on nothing. If you don’t sleep properly, if you don’t eat properly, if you don’t exercise, you are not equipped to lead a happy life.

  • Physical Energy Solutions

Emotional Energy

  • Symptom & Complication

You can never seem to get on with people, you’re always feeling anxious, you have a lot of arguments, have trouble making connections.

How positive you are, to yourself, others in the world around you.

Having low emotional energy can lead to being a continual ‘flight or fight’ response mode.

  • lead to anxiety

  • conflict with other people

  • Emotional Energy Solution

Mental Energy

Spiritual Energy