Question List



Company Culture


  • What are the company’s mission and value statements?
    • Why: This is a basic check on whether the interviewer know about company culture or not.
    • Why: This is to check whether the interviewer acknowledge / care about big picture of the company
  • What is the part of the company culture that you are proud of?
    • Why: This is to check whether the interviewer is truly engaged and believe with company culture or not.
  • How might the person in this role contribute to the organization’s mission?
  • How does the organization support professional development and career growth?


  • What are the policies around sick days and vacation?
  • Does the company allow for employee flexibility (e.g., working from home, flexible working hours)?
  • What policies are in place that support employees sharing their identity in the workplace?


  • What is the company’s onboarding process?
  • How do employees measure the impact of their work?
  • What kind of rituals are in place when someone new comes to the facility?
    • take out to lunch?
    • give a tour of the building?
    • introduce to the new staff?
  • How does communication happen?
    • schedules meetings?
    • via emails?
    • over the phone?
  • How are decisions made?
    • majority vote?
    • top down approvals?


  • What is the company’s dress code?
  • How do people typically share credit at this company?
  • Is risk-taking encouraged, and what happens when people fail?
  • How do managers support and motivate their team?
  • How do people in this role interact with customers and users?
  • When and how do team members give feedback to one another?
  • What are some workplace traditions?
  • What are some of the ways the company celebrates success?