What is your Leadership Style?

To be honest, a successful leader needs to be really flexible on the use of leadership styles. I just don’t follow one particular leadership style, it depends on the situations, people and the needs of the organisation. Overall, my leadership style is a combination of Visionary, Coaching and Democratic Styles.

  • Visionary.
    • I setup team vision, aligned with the company goals.
    • Whenever a project starts or in the middle of the project, i make sure the project to vision and impact is clearly communicated to the team. It can include from how much customers leadership, how much they appreciate their work and willing to see the project going live. It definitely help in continuously keeping the team motivated and excited about using this.
    • This kind of motivation through developing the vision that helps in team navigating through different complex problems, and resolving blockers with a positive frame of mind.
    • Visionary leadership style is also very important while the team or company is going through layoffs or re-orgs, because we inspire the team toward opportunities in front of us, rather than looking back of what happened.
  • Coaching.
    • When I do one-on-ones with the team or undertake performance reviews or even while delegating the task, I make sure I use coaching style leadership, because I want my team to grow, develop and achieve their career goals.
    • So I act like GPS for them where I try to find out where they are, where they want to go, how they want to go there, and how i can help in getting them to their destination.
    • So the task delegation also that factors in their interests, not just their skills and timeline.
    • There are a lot of frameworks I use when coaching people, including WWW1, EBI2, and even SBI3 for giving constructive feedback.
  • Democratic.


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