2022 ~ Present

I became a big fan of Learn in Public and on the journey of migrating all my private notes to this blog.

  • Framework: Hugo
  • Language: Markdown
  • Version Control: GitHub
  • CI/CD Pipeline: GitHub Actions

2021 ~ 2022

I decided to migrate with Hugo . At this stage I am pretty happy with the blog architecture via on Hugo and PaperMod .

2016 ~ 2021

On one day I was randomly surfing on the internet, the fancy blog theme NexT immediately caught my eyes, and I decided to migrate everything to Node.js and Hexo with no hesitant. I did spend heaps of time to trouble Node.js issues, fighting with node_modules dependencies. It was fun1.

2014 ~ 2016

I was devoting myself into Cloud Computing during this time, and setup my blog based on Ghost on a t2.micro EC2 machine on AWS.

2012 ~ 2014

I used Jekyll and GitHub Pages for a while.

??? ~ 2012

After graduating from uni, I started to jog down some random stuff in my first blog site on WordPress .