Hybrid working patterns reduce face-to-face communication with your co-workers, that makes regular Team Building events and activities so important to build up and retain the social connection.

Here are my notes about all team building events that I participant and organised.

Check-in Questions

Questions List

  • What’s the word of the day of you?


  • On a Scale of Cat, How are you feeling today? check-in question - cat 1

  • What kind of cat are you today? check-in question - cat 2

  • Which Pumpkin the Cat are you today? check-in question - cat 3

  • How do you feel today? check-in question - cat 4


  • Which dog are you today? check-in question - dog

  • How do you feel today? check-in question - dog 2

  • How are you today? check-in question - dog 3

Social Games

  1. Jigsaw Puzzle .
  2. GeoGuessr .
  3. Draw and Guess .
  4. Agar .
  5. Codename .
  6. Mini games

Hard to choose an option? We can use the random Spin Wheel to choose game of the day.

Fun Award

  • Pig Pen Award. Who in the office is - how do we put it - a little more disorganised than everyone else? pig pen

  • Loch Ness Award. Is one of your colleagues seemingly harder to track down than anyone else? loch ness

  • Fire Extinguisher Award. Metaphoric fire in the office? Don’t call 111, call this person. fire extinguisher

  • Thinks In Emoji Award. They always have the perfect emoji reaction to everything. How do they do it so quickly? Who knows. thinks in emoji

  • Hold On, I Have a GIF For This Award. Giphy is their first language. They’re quick to react and have the right GIF on hand at any given moment. i have a gif

  • Most Likely To Win Great British Bake Off Award. Often bringing treats for everyone to taste - and all worthy of a Paul Hollywood handshake. bake off

  • Hummer Award. Always performing their playlist for their colleagues to …. enjoy. hummer

  • Coffee Pot Award. A 24/7 drinker of coffee. They can tell the difference between beans just by smelling them. coffee pot

  • Office Clown Award. Can take any situation and turn it humorous office clown

  • Best Hair Award. Hair is always sleek.. even after being in the wind! best hair