Snowflake Pro  [draft]

Reference Snowflake: SnowPro Certifications

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Google Certificated Machine Learning Engineer  [draft] Round out your skills with training

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AWS SysOps Exam Preparation

Billing and Cost Management User-Defined Cost Allocation Tags User-defined tags are tags that you define, create and apply to resources.After you have create and applied them, you can activate them on the Billing and Cost Management console for cost allocation tracking. The detailed steps are: Log in to the AWS Management Console of the new account Use the Tag Editor to create the new user-defined tags Use the Cost Allocation Tag manager in the payer account to mark the tags as cost allocation tags Certificate Manager (ACM) When you request a public certificate, AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) generates a public/private key pair...

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AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam Preparation

General Information Introduction to AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Examination time is around 90 minutes. Examination score is between 100-1000, and the minimum passing score is 700. Exam Content Outline Domain 1 - Cloud Concepts (26%) 1.1 Define the AWS Cloud and it’s value proposition 1.2 Identify aspects of AWS Cloud economics 1.3 List the different cloud architecture design principles Domain 2 - Security and Compliance (25%) 2.1 Define the AWS Cloud shared responsibility model 2....

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