Project Initiation - Starting a Successful Project  [draft]

Week 1 - Fundamentals of Project Initiation Why Project Initiation is Important? A well-planned initiation results in a strong foundation for your project, and sets it up for success. The initiation phase is a crucial time for asking stakeholders the right questions performing research determining resources clearly documenting the key components of a project Getting on the same page and gaining clarity during the initiation phase can save a lot of time and extra work for everyone throughout the project....

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Project Management Glossary  [draft]

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Foundation of Project Management  [draft]

Week 1 - Embarking on a career in project management Week 2 - Becoming an effective project manager Key Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities Project Management Responsibilities Planning and organising. Making use of productivity tools and creating processes. Creating plans, timelines, schedules, and other forms of documentation to track project completion. Managing tasks. A project tasks is an activity that needs to be accomplished within a set period of time by you, your team or your stakeholders....

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