Top System Design Questions

Design Twitter. asked by Twitter. How do you build tiny URL. asked by Google. Design Instagram. asked by Facebook. Design Dropbox. asked by Dropbox. Ensure to think about handle large file sizes. Design YouTube. asked by Wealthfront. Ensure to think about handle large file sizes. Design WhatsApp. asked by Facebook. Ensure to think about real-time nature of these system. Design Uber. asked by Google. Ensure to think about real-time nature of these system....

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Interview Preparation for HR Round

What is a HR Round Interview? Companies use HR round interviews to assess Your strengths Your personality skills & quality to match for Job Description whether will be suited to the organisation Is the HR round just a formality? Absolutely Not! HR has a significant influence on recruitment decisions within organisations. Make sure to take it as seriously as you would do for a HR round. Common HR Round Interview Questions Q: Tell me about yourself?...

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Interview Tips

Tips for before, during and after an interview Before the Interview Practice, practice, practice. It’s one of the best ways to get more confident and comfortable interviewing. A few tips for practising: Try to turn off your inner critic and answer as authentically as possible. Review your answers from the perspective of an interviewer. Which parts of your answer capture the things you’d want an interviewer to know about you? Which parts feel less relevant?...

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Interview Preparation for SQL Questions

Resource Zachary Thomas’ SQL Questions: Select * SQL: Leetcode: LinkedIn Learning: Window Functions: HackerRank: W3 Schools: CodeAcademy: SQLZoo: SQL Bolt: FreeCodeCamp: SQL Tutorial - Full Database Course for Beginners

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