Snowflake Pro  [draft]

Reference Snowflake: SnowPro Certifications

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Snowflake Note IV - Data Ingestion  [draft]


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7 Best Practices for Snowflake

General Introduction Key customers 7 Best Practices for Building Data Applications Isolation workloads with Snowflake Key features Zero-Copy Clone Time Travel AS OF feature Semi-structured Support add timestamp column Materialized Views Snowflake materialized views is different with other platforms Code in your Language snowflake connection diagnose system SnowPipe Use the Ecosystem Manage Cost Manage compute configure with Auto Suspend configure with Auto Resume configure suspend window after idle time window Monitoring resources all data app utilise resource monitoring FAQ Q: Does Snowflake a transactional database?...

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Snowflake Note III - Essential Tools

SnowSQL For macOS, you can use brew cask to install SnowSQL from command-line 1 brew cask install snowflake-snowsql JDBC Drive Snowflake JDBC maven repo: 1 wget Python SDK 1 pip install snowflake-connector-python Spark SDK Snowflake Spark Connector repo:

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Snowflake Note II - Data Ingestion

In this note, I am going to create my first Database and table in Snowflake, and load csv data files from AWS S3 into our table. Typical Data Ingestion Process Prepare your files Stage the data Execute COPY command Managing regular loads Loading data from AWS S3 Bucket Step 1: Database and table initialization So first of all, we need to create our database. Here we are creating a new database called OUR_FIRST_DATABASE and our table called OUR_FIRST_TABLE...

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